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PicSil - Bee Rope


PicSil - Bee Rope


Bee Rope

Spin like no other at a similar price. Easy to hold with a super ergonomic design. Made in aluminium with a double bearing system and a 2mm cable. 

As light as a plastic rope, as resistant as a really high end speed rope and fast as hell, seriously the spin on this handle is epic. 

Improve your double under jumps and start to master the triples. Yes, the triples.

Additional information

Weight: 0.21 kg

Colour: Blue, Black

Adjusting your cable: 

Press. Stretch. Drop and jump. No screws, no allen keys. 

Each Bee Rope comes with two handles, 3m of 2mm cable and an awesome carry case allowing you to keep your speed rope tangle free in your gym bag. 

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