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PicSil - Anna Rope


PicSil - Anna Rope


Anna Rope

Made in aluminium with double high speed bearing and the possibility to add weights.

Ultra fast, ultra-resistant and a very soft spin.

The Anna Rope comes with a surprise. You can add it weights unscrewing the base, that allows you to training harder and improve your efficiency with doing dubs.

Seriously - your forearms will be on fire and adding the weights will help you prepare for the unknown of competitions. Anna Weights available here

Additional information

Weight: 0.21 kg

Colour: Lime, Red

Adjusting your cable: 

Simple adjustment with provided allen key. Very simple and not very fiddly. 

Each Anna Rope comes with two handles, allen key for adjustments, 3m of 2mm cable and an awesome carry case allowing you to keep your speed rope tangle free in your gym bag. 

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