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Mobility Peanut Seconds


Mobility Peanut Seconds

$15.00 $25.00

FxD Mobility Peanut - Seconds

The extreme Wellington heat has left some of our mobility peanuts dull..I truly don't know how it has happened but it has 🤣

So we have some Peanut seconds for $15 per ball on the website. Same ball, just a dull red in spots.

The FxD Mobility Peanut is the best tool to help us sort out the ache between our shoulders from a long day at work. 

Use on a hard surface and sort out that thoracic spine with a good roll out on the peanut either at home in front of the telly or prior to hitting some PB's at the gym.

The FxD Mobility Peanut can be used to free restrictions in the spine, or use it to free up muscle tissue and myofascia. Absolutely perfect after a long day sitting in front of the computer at work or just when you're just feeling a bit tensed up in the shoulders and neck. 

Colour: Red only

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