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About us

This is me (Freyja), my husband Brian, and our very energetic little fella Wolf. 

About us

FxD was founded in 2016 after I was sick of struggling to find the CrossFit brands I loved in New Zealand, often being unable to find brands at a competitive price with good customer service. 

My first order was from one of my best mates (and now sister in law) Jo, I still vividly remember the notification and being so excited that I'd had one visit on the website! 

Originally FxD was something I enjoyed doing after work and now it is something I do alongside raising my gorgeous almost three year old (where does the time go!) son Wolf with my husband Brian and developing myself as a pregnancy and postpartum CrossFit coach and womens advocate which is another true passion of mine. 

FxD now services a number of returning customers and I still get the exact same kick out of every order. My goal is to continue to grow this business so I can provide New Zealand CrossFitters with more of their favourite brands locally and also to keep waking up every morning stoked that this is my "job"!

FxD literally thrives off its customers - it's you guys that determine what we sell and how we sell it. So if there is anything you're after or you have any questions or just want to get in touch then please do, any time!